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Indian DJ Events provides Live Steaming to capture traditional Hindu, Tamil, Christian, Punjabi to American and non traditional wedding ceremonies for all guests experiencing virtually.   Working alongside with our clients, vendor, priest, decors, we are attentive to detail and strive to make every ceremony perfect from the procession to the closing remarks in Live Steaming.
Indian Wedding DJ provides projector and screen service cabled to Macbook and high end speaker system to provide your guest, family and friends with an amazing picture slideshow and video during your wedding celebrations to leave lasting memories and for all your guests to enjoy.
punjabi dj
All of our Fusion Weddings consists of professional Dhol Players dressed in traditional outfits.  Performing for over 15 years with top quality drums made out of wood and goat skin, they perform to various Bollywood & American beats while offering our clients a lively performance for Baraat, Wedding Grand Entrance & Open Dance.
baraat dj
Desi Weddings DJ offer the groom with a Baraat Horse. Well trained for a festive Indian Wedding, our horses comes fully decorated in traditional Indian decor creating a very regal appearance to make your wedding day a memorable experience among all your family & friends.
Indian Wedding DJ provides “Dancing On The Cloud” effect to capture your special moments of the couples “First Dance” or “Cake Cutting" ceremony which will leave your guests mesmorized for years to come while creating a gorgeous backdrop for photographers for lasting memories.
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Our Desi DJs are fully equipped by providing customization to wireless LED uplights to set the mood of the grand ballroom, accent your walls, stage, and backdrops which will mesmerize and leave a magical impact for all your guests in attendance. 
Indian Wedding DJ provides a unique interactive experience for you and your guests while producing an unforgettable memory and keepsake offering unlimited sessions, immediate prints for everyone in the photo, fully custom designed templates, a premium backdrop, an online gallery and high end props & setup/deliver.
Indian Wedding DJ gladly provides separate MC Services designated to jump start all your guests for all formalities such as grand entrances, various speeches, special performances and of course open dance floor.  Our MC will not only have everyone on the dance floor but will leave all your family & friends be the life of the party. 
Indian Wedding DJ provides Moving Spotlights, which bring excitement to the dance floor with fast moving beams of colorful spotlight just to start.  Our Moving Spotlights are customized to highlight grand introductions, cake cutting ceremony and first dance while creating various gobo effects for open dance floor.
Indian DJ Events proudly provides Mobile Van Baraat for the Grooms procession, family and friends to jump start the morning full of festivities.  Our talented DJ and designated MC will get the party started, playing a customized song selections of various Punjabi, Bollywood and Bhangra blends for a grand welcoming of the groom. 
Our Pasha Photography brand consists of energetic and passionate wedding photographers capturing timeless moments for your big day.  Ranging from Indian Bride & Groom Portraits to the Sangeet, Ceremony or Reception; our professional photographers creates vivid portraits with refined presets capturing your finest moments.
Indian Wedding DJ teams up with various live musicians, playing a table, dholki, gazal singers, live guitarist to providing professional dance teams and performers leaving your guests with breathtaking performances and have them entertained and excited throughout your cocktail hour, wedding ceremony or reception. 
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Indian Wedding DJ specializes in creating various Dance Performance mix of multiple songs into one seamless transitional track for your performers.  We can create a professional audio file with high quality sound of seamless transitions for all performers which will leave your guests energetic and entertained. 
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Indian DJ Events works with highly talented performers and motivational dancers nationwide.  We provide energetic and professional choreographed dancers who will be the life of your party and will entertain all your guests for open dance floor and various performances.
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Indian DJ Events specializes in music theory, sound and audio engineering to make any Bollywood, American, Punjabi song into an instrumental for Karaoke Performances or Solo Singing at an event.  We provide the audio files in high quality format professional graded to work on any software for optimum amplification.  
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